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Lights, Camera, Action...

The Beach is a magical destination from Sunrise to Sunset... it is a perfect natural setting for a creative bunch of Photographers, Dancers, Models and Artists to have some fun in the sun whilst hanging out at the most spectacular Beach Huts on this beautiful planet.

When the stars come out to play and the moon shines high in the midnight sky, the vibe changes direction completely. Together we create an eclectic mix of bold statements... from Malibu Delights to Beach Ballet and when dawn turns to dusk... the Vampire Diaries bring the day to a spectacular close evoking a dark and moody ambience.


Beach Patrol

Sunny days and Balmy nights with a tropical vibe blend well at both our Boutique Beach Huts...

Seahorse Beach Hut pops loud and proud in his sensational sun kissed suit with his waves of wonder extending effortlessly onto the lapping ocean on the beach front ~ Freedom Guaranteed with cocktails shaken not stirred!

Ladybird Beach Hut flies high on a stunning panoramic beauty spot that catches the days rays all day long up until sunset... a stunning room with a view and a balcony to fit many a Romeo & Juliet to relax, recharge and rewind in blissful surroundings.

Model: Courtney Grant @courtgrant19

Photographer: Kev Jay @kevjayphotos

Courtney is an Essex based Personal Trainer, Ice Hockey star and Model.


Pop Artist Extraordinaire

Freedom comes when you learn to let go!!!

When Samuel Thomas created a Masterpiece from our shabby shack unveiling our stunning Seahorse Beach Hut he felt drawn to return to enjoy some chilled out tunes against his magnificent back drop that is dubbed our Wow Wall - creating happy sunny smiles to everyone who floats by. The ripples of the breaking waves are mesmerising and entice you into a dreamy state of mind. Bringing Joy, Hope & Happiness to all on the sea shore of the Essex Sunshine Coast in Walton on the Naze.

From studio to 'on location' Samuel excitedly took centre stage to an audience over 4 days expressing his pop art talents onto a much larger scale canvas. Anyone lucky enough to be strolling by witnessed our tremendous transformation and they all absolutely loved the opportunity to engage with this popular Norfolk based artist in real time in a heightened state of creativity... on occasion battling against the elements of the powerful ocean spray.

Artist: Samuel Thomas @samuelthomasart

Photographer: Nigel Cox @nigelcox007

Samuel is a popular Norfolk based artist from beautiful Cromer, who creates stunning uplifting artworks on large scale canvases, using a variety of styles from pop art sensations of various seaside locations to an eclectic mix of dreamscapes. Samuel's mission is to inspire you to feel uplifted and truly engaged with the natural world around you. His artworks are stylised celebrations of the world that radiate limitless energy, optimism and freedom. You can view the extensive collection at


Balancing Act

Dancer: Jake Walker @jakerwalker

Photos: Nigel Cox @nigelcox007

En Pointe! - from stage to seaside - discarding the flip flops in favour of ballet shoes!

The sun setting on our stunning beachscape proved to be the perfect back drop one fine day in early October. The elegance and poise of professional ballet dancer Jake captured the attention of locals and visitors galore, as they stood awe struck witnessing the sensational twirls, pirouettes and various dance poses... with the ultimate elevated spectacle of Jake literally flying high in the beautiful autumnal sky, creating cheers and phone flashes from the astounded onlookers.

Jake is a graduate of Bodywork Company in Cambridge 2018-2021 and has since enjoyed numerous castings as a Ballet Dancer in the Hamley's Christmas Window reveal 2021, a short film titled Satisfaction Guaranteed with Candid Broads Productions, Choreagraphed by Ruth Maid Howard-Jones in 2021, he excelled in his role as 'Poppy' with the London Ballet Company, directed by Sophie Wright in 2021 and most recently enjoyed a Scholarship with the Bolshoi Ballet Academy Winter intensive 2022. Jake goes from strength to strength on the London scene and has big dreams for his future dance ambitions.


Twilight meets Day of the Dead

Artist/Model: Samuel Thomas & Ursula Ida

Photographer: Nigel Cox @nigelcox007

When Twilight sheds her glow over the sweeping sands, the lighting at dusk creates an eery scene as the photographers chase the light until darkness falls. The Day of the Dead Queen and the Vampire King come out to play to the sounds of their 80s retro vibes in search of the blood moon that highlights the Pop Art Beach Hut glowing with a magical light drawing under the spotlight of the stars.

Model/Actor: Ursula Ida @ursula._.ida

Photographer: Alun Finnigan @afphotoessex

Ursula Ida is a bright young performer - Actor, Singer, Model

Her debut screen appearance in Venetian Men, Directed by Celia Willis is currently playing at the BAFTA recognised Underwire Festival and Flickerfest which is Academy and BAFTA qualifying... Premiered on Bondi Beach. Ursula is one of the youngest members and Ambassadors of the National Youth Theatre, recently performing her poem 'Dark Light' at NYT HQ London and is due to take part in the prestigious mini movie to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee airing on TV in June 2022. Ursula is completing her LAMDA Musical Theatre Bronze Medal and has appeared in many stage productions in a lead role capacity for over 8 years, as well as winning Young Voice of the Year at the age of 13.

Seahorse Beach Hut @ladybirdseascapes

Photographer: Kev Jay @kevjayphotos

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