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Pina Colada or an English Brew - What will you be having this summer? Well Nina Chinsky, beach hut stylist shows us we can have it all!

With travel holidays to exotic worldwide locations paused for a while, and after the long year we’ve all had with delayed summer plans, we are really in need of that exotic escape more than ever.

Look no further, beach hut stylist Nina Chinsky and artist Samuel Thomas have collaborated using the power of their imaginations and their desires for the ‘good life’ and have created an exotic escape right on their doorstep in charming Walton on the Naze, Essex.

This exotic beach hut blends Malibu beach chic style together with quintessential traditional English seaside charm!! All in the name of seeking out rest, rejuvenation and a sense of freedom by heading to the coast for a break.

Nina explains:

"The power of the imagination really does count. When I am sunbathing in my English deckchair here at the beach hut, wearing my sombrero sipping a pina colada whilst I can smell the coconut of my Malibu sun cream under the glorious sun - I am transported somewhere else entirely. Only to wake up a little later to grab an English brew to warm up as me and my family watch the sunset.

It really is the best of both worlds, and I can feel even better knowing that I haven’t added to the climate crisis by boarding a plane to a far flung location. It’s good to know we’re celebrating the good things in life in an economically sustainable way as much as possible."

Learning to celebrate things much closer to home is something we’re all learning to do for a while. So maybe the key to embracing this challenge is to do it in glorious style with the power of art! The key to a happy life is to appreciate all that we have, and we really are so blessed with all that we have.

The beach hut experience is also available for everyone else as the beach hut is available to hire. Unfortunately bottomless pina coladas are not included in the experience! YET!!!

Available for Photoshoots, Promotions and simply a little R&R...


Images: Kev Jay Photography

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